Art. 1. Purposes

The network’s purposes are: 1) to create an international cooperation centre among judicial administrators and asset managers, judges and magistrates, universities and research centres, international associations and bodies, central and local administrative authorities; 2) to develop programmes aiming at fostering the exchange and spread of good practices for an effective management of seized and confiscated assets; 3) to promote the social re-use of these assets through the launch of specific initiatives organised to safeguard their integrity.

Art. 3. Members and Sections

The association’s members are divided into the following categories:

  1. Judicial administrators and asset managers

  2. Experts, judges and magistrates

  3. Universities

  4. International associations and bodies

  5. Central and local administrative authorities

The members, in accordance with their competences, contribute, also through representatives, to scientific research, to the production of standard procedures, and to the spread of results. Moreover, they commit to supporting collaboration between different countries for the achievement of the associative purpose.

Art.7. Resignation

Members may resign from the Network giving notice, six months in advance, to the Executive Director.

Art. 8. Eligibility

Organisations, institutions, networks, individuals and regular partners of the Association, operating in the international cooperation field or in the judicial and academic area, may become members upon decision of the Board of Directors.

Art. 12. Meetings

In addition to General Assemblies, annual Conferences may be organised to discuss issues of general concern regarding the management of seized and confiscated assets.


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