The MCA network pursues the following objectives:

a. Aggregate experts in the management of seized and confiscated assets and companies, fostering participation, communication and sharing of knowledge among them and with any further institutional or academic actor interested in the subject at issue;

b. Support innovative management forms of seized companies through the assistance of a consultancy provider, with a structured organization and present worldwide, aiming at easing the management;

c. Develop projects and workshops to foster the exchange and diffusion of good practices in the management of seized and confiscated assets;

d. Promote the social re-use of the assets and companies through the launch of specific initiatives organized to safeguard their integrity.

Meetings and conferences are planned to be organized in order to encourage the exchange of knowledge and experiences among practitioners, who will thereby contribute to diffusion of best practices in the field of effective management of seized and confiscated assets. In addition to such activities, the launch of specific programmes and exchange of relevant documentation is envisaged.




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